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We are expertise in ship for me, buy for me, ecommerce and cross border commerce system. Our system is widely use by logistics company and online business company worldwide. Our core value is providing quality and reliable online and software development solution. Learn more about cross border logistics system at

World Syntech Logistics System


- Multiple Agent System
– Multi Language + Language Editor
– Mobile Web UI + Windows Web UI
– Auto Shipment Order Submission (Configurable)
– Auto Payment for International Shipment Order (Configurable)
– Configurable Buy For Me Products Price and Domestic Shipment Fee
– Search Filtering Based On Date and Status For Product and Shipment Order
– Able to retrieve Taobao and Tmall full product details; Able to Partly Retrieve product details of,,
– Follow Warehouse Currency to Set Costing while System Auto Calculate the Agents Costing based on their currency.
– Pages Display and Location Settings Are Easily Configurable
– Design Module – Freely to Choose Background, Font Type and Color etc
– Shipment Fare Calculator
– Supports Multiple Domains Name (Able to use different DNS and Route)
– Shipment Fee Able to Set Multi-Level Pricing. Through backend, we can set cost and pricing while front end display customer pricing.
– Member or VIP Group Pricing Configurable.
– Agent or Warehouse able to create extra new service.
– Web based System. Upgrading system done through online.
– Supports Cross Border E-Commerce Business.
– Supports Calculation Shipment Fee with Half Volumetric Weight or Opt Volumetric Weight
– Upload ExcelSheet to Auto Generate Shipment Order (On-Going Development)
– Front End Invoices
– Facebook Login
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Logistics Tracking System


1. Search and view tracking info
2. Get tracking info from local courier company
3. Support multiple languages (website content and tracking status)
4. Optimized for PC, mobile, tablet browsers

1. Import parcel (tracking number, airway number, courier company)
2. Manage / Edit individual tracking info
3. Add & delete logistics info in bulk (date, tracking status, location). Add logistics info by schedule
4. Manage courier company
5. Manage tracking status
6. Manage parcel
7. Manage website
- content pages
- news module
- menu
- layout
8. Manage user & user access

Supported Courier Companies

Upcoming Features
- Provide API access to get tracking info by tracking number
- Search up to 5 tracking numbers